Jangles and Clyde
Jangles lets Clyde know that he would like to get to know him better

Willow and Maggie
Willow is instructing Maggie on the correct etiquette for introducing yourself to another





Apple and Conrad introduce themselves to Poppy

Jangles and Fern
Fern tells Jangles in no uncertain terms that she wants to "know him"!


Tammy and Sonny

Tammy has seen everyone else do it, so she lets Sonny know how she feels.





Panda and Claudia

Rough play!


More kissing. This may be Sonny's first kiss!

Giotto and Rollo think that gentle kissing is very romantic!


Rollo is not sure whether he wants to kiss Oso or eat him!

Jangles kisses Buzz
Lots of kissing but Willow is checking everyone out


How erotic - the lips just momentarily meet

Golly excites Bonnie with the gentleness of his touch


A little bit of seduction from Lucy - she knows she is driving Felix crazy.

Willow and Hermie just practising the "seductions" they have seen from the older bitches.


Doing It!


Coco and Trixie
Trixie is not unhappy with Coco!

Jendi and sonny
Tammy isn't sure what Sonny and Jendi are doing - and she is a country girl - you wouldn't think she would be that naive.


Post-coital bliss


If only Bentley had a cigarette now!

The girls leave Coco utterly exhausted


Was that as good for you as it was for me?

Jangles, Jendi and daisy.
Jangles, you shouldn't just leave Daisy as soon as you are done!