Jendi is absolutely a lady, in the grandest sense. However, that doesn't stop the fellas from having the hots for her.  For such a lady, it is a bit hard to take when they all call you "The Balmain Bike" - just because you try to be a bit discrete and not make a fuss!

Puppy Porn - foreplay
Puppy Porn - foreplay

Sometimes she likes to take on a "toy-boy"! But Douchma? That is really close to paedophilia!

She certainly has seduction down to a fine art. Throwing herself at Jet too! Another toy-boy!



Puppy Porn - foreplay

Puppy Porn - foreplay


She is prepared to work hard to get Wilson - she will even engage in a little intellectual conversation.

Such public exhibitionism is more than Jangles can stand. Willow is taking notes!

Puppy Porn
Puppy Porn

OK Buzz, if you have to, but be quick!

That is NOT a smile on her face!

Puppy Porn
Puppy Porn

At least she does have the good grace to be embarassed in front of Tammy - she is supposed to give her "good example". Sonny doesn't mind either way.

I think it is called "incest" when you do it with your "brother".

Puppy Porn

Is this "gang rape" or just an "orgy"! Lambert and Ned are certainly having a good time and Jendi is not really complaining - little tramp! Reg doesn't really know what all the fuss is about.


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